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Squid Game Font

La tipografía del logo de El juego del Calamar, de Netflix.

This series, released in 2021 on Netflix, has been a record breaker. Directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Squid Game thrusts us into a world where desperate people engage in deadly childish games for a chance to win a huge cash prize. What’s engaging about the series is not only its premise, but how it handles themes such as socioeconomic inequality, human desperation and morality in extreme situations.

The characters, from the debt-ridden Seong Gi-hun to the cunning Kang Sae-byeok, are perfectly constructed to make us feel their pain and hope. Through them, the series explores the depths and darknesses of society, showing how desperation can drive people to unimaginable extremes.

The series not only captivated with its story, but also with its visual aesthetics. The colors, set designs and costumes all contributed to an almost surreal atmosphere. This aesthetic contrasts sharply with the brutality of the games, creating a unique experience for the viewer.

Fuente tipográfica de El Juego del Calamar para descargar gratis online.

Not all series typefaces are so distinctive. Many series opt for discreet typefaces, which are not as recognizable at first glance or do not fully reflect the identity of the series in question. But the typography of Squid Game is an exception. Anyone who has seen the series can immediately distinguish its typeface.

Here we leave you the typeface called “Games of Squids” created by Darrell Flood from the one we can find in the logo of the series. The author makes it clear that it is not related to Netflix and encourages to use it only for fan art projects, that is, personal projects that are not intended to make money.


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