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About us

Welcome to TheColor, the blog for graphic design lovers. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert, here you’ll find a wide variety of content covering case studies, guides, tutorials, trend analysis and much more about graphic design, as well as other related topics such as color psychology and marketing strategies.

About Us
Secretos de la psicología del color en el diseño gráfico.
Plantillas de trípticos para descargar gratuitamente

From choosing a color palette to implementing visual strategies in a marketing campaign, we want to be your trusted graphic design blog. TheColor is your library, your mentor and your muse.

TheColor started in 2021 with the goal of becoming the reference blog in the design industry. It belongs to Thedotblog, a group of blogs dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge in different fields.

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Authors of TheColor

If you want to know a little more about the authors of TheColor just click on the author’s photo or name and you will be able to discover additional information as well as all the articles he has written in this blog.

About Us

Claudia M.

Graphic Designer, Photographer and Marketing Expert

Passionate about photography and graphic design, I have always felt a special bond with the creative world. This connection has led me to explore and capture my ideas both in images and words. At The Color Blog, I combine my talents and skills, offering written and visual content that reflects my unique perspective on design and creation.

About Us

Antonio B.

Psychology Graduate and Content Manager

Psychologist, passionate about flamenco guitar and board games. My professional career has led me to understand the deep connection between human behavior and marketing. Over the years, I have honed my ability to analyze and understand market trends and consumer responses. I combine my background in psychology with my love of writing, offering unique perspectives.

About Us

Diana S.

Journalist, Writer and Radio Broadcaster

As a journalist and broadcaster, I have always felt a deep connection to words and their ability to bring stories and emotions to life. I am passionate about reading, and I find a special charm in blank pages, seeing them as canvases waiting to be filled; however, my true passion lies in correcting what seems incorrigible, always seeking perfection in each story.

Daniel K

Richard H.

Printing Technician and Graphic Arts Expert

With a lifelong dedication to the printing industry, I have worked with several printing companies, honing my skills in pre-press design, material selection and technical specifics. As a seasoned professional, I bring to “The Color Blog” in-depth knowledge of materials and the printing universe, with the goal of uncovering the art and subtleties behind each printed masterpiece.