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Welcome to The Color Blog. This is your source for inspiration on design, software, hosting, printing, graphic arts, insurance and color psychology.

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Latest blog posts

Publicidad Impresa: ¡Todo lo que debes saber!
Print Advertising: Everything you need to know!

Even in the digital age, print advertising remains an important and effective way to convey informat…

¿Qué hace una agencia de marketing B2B?
What does a B2B marketing agency do?

As a more dedicated option, a B2B marketing agency can help you better focus your strategy, as it is…

Papel reciclado con color natural.
Recycled paper What is it + 7 benefits

Recycled paper is paper that is turned back into paper. The best paper to use is 100% post-consumer …

¿Cómo hacer un logo para tu empresa?
How to make a logo for your company?

The first thing to make a logo for your company is to be clear that it generates a visual impact not…

¿Qué es el marketing digital?
What is digital marketing? Meaning and uses

Digital marketing is defined as an approach to marketing that seeks interaction with the target audi…

Ventajas y desventajas de la impresión mediante UV
What is UV printing?

UV printing is a unique method of digital printing that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to dry or cure i…

Ejemplo de impresión Giclée.
What is Giclée printing?

Giclée printing is French for “spraying” or “spraying”. It refers to the pro…

¿Qué es y Cómo funciona el marketing de afiliados?
What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Are you familiar with affiliate marketing? Yes, that invitation that sometimes comes to you where yo…

Diseños de papel japonés washi.
Japanese paper or Washi What is it?

Japanese paper, or washi, is one of Japan’s most fundamental and often overlooked artistic pro…

¿Qué es el marketing mixto o marketing mix?
What is Marketing Mix? Everything you Need to Know

Marketing Mix is a rather general term that encompasses the actions implemented to improve sales and…

Lettering para principiantes
Lettering for beginners How to start?

Discover the magic of lettering for beginners. Letters have that incredible ability to mold and blen…

Así funciona el CPA en Marketing Digital
What is CPA in digital marketing?

When you are going to make ads, the price to pay depends on three methods, one of them is the Cost P…

TODO lo que debes saber sobre el diseño UX
Understand UX design in a simple way

UX design or user experience design is the process design teams use to create products that provide …

Todo lo que debes saber sobre el diseño de marca
Brand design guide. Everything you need to know.

A brand does not only live from processes, the human team, profitability or its relationship with cu…

¿Sabes lo qué es el remarketing? Aquí tienes todo el significado y usos
Do you know what remarketing is? Here we tell you EVERYTHING

Remarketing is becoming an increasingly popular advertising strategy. If you’re not quite clea…

¿Qué es el inbound marketing?
What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process of helping potential customers find your company. This usually occu…

Every day we are adding new articles in the blog specialized for printers: specialized software for graphic design, printing software and programs or applications that facilitate the work in the world of graphic arts. Best CMS, hosting and themes for printing businesses. The most important insurances for this type of business as well as the insurance companies that offer the best service in the design and digital and offset printing sector.