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The Typography of A Bug´s Life

Logo y tipografía de la película Bichos, una aventura en miniatura.

A Bug’s Life is an animated gem that came to us from Disney Pixar in 1998. This film was a landmark not only for its impressive animation quality for the time, but also for the special way in which it told its story.

The plot of Bugs is a miniature epic adventure that immerses us in the world of Flik, an inventive and dreamy ant who seeks to save his colony from a group of grasshoppers who demand food. What makes Bichos so special is its ability to tell a classic story of heroes and villains from the perspective of insects. The film is a cocktail of humor, emotion and, above all, a lesson in the importance of teamwork and bravery.

La tipografía de Bichos o Bugs en inglés.

Let’s talk now about its typography. If we take a look at the movie poster, we can see that it is a sans serif style typeface adorned with silhouettes of bugs, which anyone who has seen the movie could easily recognize instantly.

You can download the A Bug´s Life font completely free. It comes with two versions, the typeface without any embellishments and another one with the bug embellishments we have mentioned. This font is free for personal use, meaning you can use it for personal projects such as creating custom t-shirts, posters, wall vinyls, invitations, etc (as long as you are not going to sell these products later).

If you are a fan of Disney and Pixar movies, you can’t miss our collection of Disney fonts, where you can find the typeface used in classic movies like Mulan or more modern hits like Frozen or Vaiana.


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