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Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc Typography

Tipografía y logo de Monstruos SA, la película de Disney Pixar.

Monsters, Inc. is a Disney Pixar film that was released in 2001. It is not only an explosion of creativity and a riot of colors and endearing characters, but also a showcase of how a whole new and fascinating world can be created.

The story centers on Monsteropolis, a city inhabited by monsters of all shapes and sizes, who live off a very special source of energy: the screams of children. This is where our protagonists come into play: James P. Sullivan, “Sulley“, and his best friend and sidekick, Mike Wazowski. Sulley is a big, furry, blue-colored, purple-spotted monster who is a natural at scaring children, while Mike, a small, green, one-eyed monster, is more the brains of the operation. Together, they form the most successful team of scarers in Monsters, Inc. the scare factory in town.

The film is a roller coaster of emotions. On the one hand, it has moments of pure humor, especially thanks to Mike’s witticisms and expressions, and on the other, moments of tenderness and emotion, especially in the relationship that develops between Sulley and Boo, a human girl who accidentally ends up in Monsteropolis. The relationship that is forged between Sulley and Boo is the heart of the film, showing how fear and prejudice can be dissolved through knowledge and friendship.

Font de Monstruos SA o Monster Inc para descargar gratis.

The typography in this film balances the “monster” aspect with a childlike, friendly touch. The letters are styled almost as if they are inflated or padded, giving them a soft and safe look, avoiding any connotations of fear or danger. In addition, the “O” in “Monsters” stands out by being replaced by an eye, a very creative nod to Mike Wazowski, which also helps set the playful and creative tone of the movie.

You can download the Monsters S.A. typeface absolutely free for personal use. What does this mean? That you can use it to create posters, t-shirts, custom cell phone cases and anything else as long as you are not going to sell the product later or you are not going to make money using the typography.

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