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The Typography of Money Heist. Discover its Secrets

La casa de Papel, su logo y su tipografía para descargar.

This Spanish series, which has achieved worldwide fame, uses its typography not only as an aesthetic element but also as a narrative tool that reinforces its theme and tone.

Let’s talk about the logo of “Money Heist“. The title is written in a sans-serif typeface, modern and clean, specifically, the typeface used is Tungsten Bold (“Compact” would also work for us). This choice is smart and deliberate: it represents modernity and precision, qualities intrinsic to the planning and execution of the central theft in the series. The typography is elegant but firm, reflecting the seriousness and high tension of the plot.

Now, let’s delve into the use of color in the typography. Red is predominant, an obvious nod to the color of the overalls worn by the characters and Dali’s mask, iconic symbols of the series. Red is a color that evokes urgency, danger, passion and power, all emotions that are at the heart of the series. This use of color in typography helps create a cohesive brand that is instantly recognizable.

As we’ve already mentioned, the ·Money Heist font is a private use font, so in order to access it you need to pay a license fee. But if you want to use letters of similar style to imitate the graphic style of the Paper House, we suggest a couple of free typefaces that you can find in Google Font and that have a very similar aesthetic to Tungsten Bold . These fonts are: Roboto Bold and Montserrat Bold

For lovers of typographic design and series, in our section of series typefaces you can find the fonts of your favorite series (Sometimes you can download them for free and sometimes we will suggest alternatives)


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