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Convert photo to Anime. The best Apps

Convierte tu foto en animé con estas apps

Anime has become one of the favorite themes, trends and genre of animation. Turning your photo into anime can be a great experiment if it suits you.

Thanks to its growing audience, many app developers have bet on creating options for that large number of users who demand to turn their photo into anime, because feeling part of that world is as fantastic as being a superhero.

This is a style that many want to try and look like a work of art of anime is the dream of many, if this is yours, do not miss the apps that we recommend today. The best thing is that you can share the result on social networks!

Take advantage of these apps, because they have great tools to convert photos into anime. Give your photos a fun and original touch if you love Japanese comics.

1. Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime

Con la app Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime puedes cpmvertir tu foto en animé

The Cartoon Face Changer Pro-Anime app does not convert your face into anime, in fact what it does is to replace your face with that of your favorite character, while your body remains the same: Goku, Naruto, among others.

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You can use it as a camera by taking a selfie or choosing a photo from your gallery. Then it’s a matter of choosing the character you want as your face. The best thing is that you can make it a little more genuine, because it has some functions to adjust it to your face: you can enlarge or reduce it, rotate it, position it, among others. When you have your anime photo ready, you can save it on your phone or you can share it on social networks.

2. Anime Manga Camera

Anime Manga Camera es una de las  apps más divertidas para convertir tu foto en animé usando stickers

Among the various apps to transform your photo into anime Anime Manga Camera is one of the most fun, because it allows you to play with stickers

The application has many tools, you can add elements such as: hair, eyes, ears, mouth and many other accessories to your photos, to look exactly like an anime character. But not only that, you can also add text labels.

Using it is very simple, after downloading it on your phone you take a picture with the app or choose one from your gallery, then you start trying editing options. When you’re done, you can share it on social networks or simply save it to your device.

3. Anime cosplay costumes

Convierte tus fotos en anime con Disfraces de anime cosplay

Turn your photos into anime with this application where you will find the best cosplay costumes, as it has in its catalog the most popular manga and anime characters. You have 170 costume templates at your disposal to apply to your photos.

The app also has stickers for your eyes, nose, ears, hair, makeup and other options that you can customize. You will spend a lot of time on them. Try it HERE

4. Selfie 2 Waifu

Selfie 2 Waifu es capaz de convertir fotos en anime

More than an application, this is a generator or platform that you can certainly use from your phone.

The Selfie 2 Waifu website is able to convert photos into anime just by uploading an image from your computer or phone. Once uploaded, the magic happens, the site shows you your Japanese anime version.

5. Anime camera

Anime camera es una app capaz de transformar tu foto en animé

Anime camera is an app capable of giving a new style to your photos. In a matter of seconds, you can turn your photo into anime, just choose an image in which you frame your face well and the app will convert it into anime. You even have the option to choose whether you want to change only your face or also the background.

The app allows you to add anime stickers, text balloons, you can draw on the images, it even gives you background options. We suggest that you take your photo close up in the foreground, or choose photos where your face is in front and visible, so your result will be of higher quality. Although it is free, we warn you that it contains a lot of advertising, but it also has a paid version in case you want to try many more tools and filters.

6. Anime Face Changer

Si quieres convertir tu foto en animé, una opción genial es usar la app  Anime Face Changer

If you want to turn your photo into anime, a great option is to use the app Anime Face Changer with which you can select photos from your gallery and transform them into anime in a couple of seconds.

If you want, you can add hair stickers, skin color, eyes, mouth, and even backgrounds. You have these and many other options!

Take advantage of the photo editing tools to add light filters, enlarge or reduce the image, rotate it, add frames and many more elements. At the end, you can download the image and share it on social networks. It contains a lot of advertising, but the result is worth it.

7. Twinface

Una de las apps favoritas para convertir tu foto en animé es TwinFace.

One of the favorite apps to turn your photo into anime is TwinFace. In a couple of seconds you can transform your image and save it in your gallery or share it directly on your social networks. What you should keep in mind is that to use it you need to have a stable connection.

8. Anime Face

Hazte una selfie y convierte tu foto en un animé con Anime cara

Anime Face or Anime Phase is a manga game that allows you to change your appearance and look like an anime character. Take a selfie and the app will give you the expressive eyes that characterize the Japanese genre and also certain emotions, we promise you’ll feel like you’re producing a cosplay.

BONUS: UGATIT (In development)

Software developer NCsoft has an app in development called UGATIT, which promises to turn a person’s face into an anime, all you need is a photo and then you’ll have the final result.

The South Korean company will allow you to upload a photo and take it, just as if it were FaceApp, although there is still no release date as there is still work to be done on the app. For the moment, you can try it for free on GitHub,

On the aforementioned platform, you will find the operation and technical data of the software. We warn you that at this stage it is not for everyone, as it is still being tested and can be complex if you do not handle the Python programming system, in this case you need a computer with good capacity to run it.

Surely when it is officially released you will be able to use UGATIT on any device and transform your photo into anime

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