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8 Best applications to create Stickers

8 Best applications to create Stickers

Do you like to collect stickers for your Whatsapp or Telegram? In this article we are going to show you 8 apps that you can use to create your own personalised stickers and share them with your friends.

If you are one of those people who love stickers, have a creative side and want to create a few stickers to have a few laughs with your friends, you can’t miss this collection of Android apps that will make you the king or queen of stickers.

Sticker Maker (Sticker Maker Studio)

8 Best applications to create Stickers

This app is easy to use to make stickers on your mobile. The steps are easy to follow. First, add an image, then crop it, then add words and emojis. You can choose an image from your gallery or use the large collection of text stickers available in the app.

You can edit the text colour and font using the text shadow and alignment tools. To add stickers to WhatsApp, just export them. With the premium version, you can enjoy the app without ads, use special effects and access the full range of available stickers.

You can download Sticker Maker directly from the Google Play Store

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Wemoji, applications to design stickers for Whatsapp.

Wemoji also has an easy to use interface for you to enjoy making all kinds of stickers. After adding your image, you have the option to crop it into a square, circle or use the freehand cropping function. Zoom in on the image to make sure you cut out the sticker with all the details you need.

With the option to add emojis from the keyboard, you can create any sticker to share on WhatsApp and other social networks.

You can use the magnifying glass to get an enlarged view of the image you are cropping. If you don’t need it while cropping, you can go to the settings and prevent it from appearing while cropping.

Download Wemoji here

Sticker Studio

8 Best applications to create Stickers

Sticker Studio has a few options for customising your stickers, such as freehand cropping and adding text. You can create an unlimited number of sticker packs for WhatsApp and scale them to the perfect size in this app.

You can use the camera to capture photos or choose an existing image from your gallery. With Sticker Studio, creating stickers with GIFs and videos is also quick and easy, and you can connect to Google Drive for backups.

The Pro version of the app unlocks additional fonts, frame colours and removes ads. And if you’ve opted to stay away from WhatsApp, you can still enjoy these stickers on Telegram.

Download Sticker Studio here

Animated Sticker Maker

8 Best applications to create Stickers

Have fun creating animated stickers with the Animated Sticker Maker app for Android. You can create stickers from camera pics, videos, or you can draw your animation.

When creating animated stickers, you can import GIFs from GIPHY, use a blank sticker, or import videos from your gallery.

It’s easy to edit each frame of your animated stickers. You can also add text and emojis to make them even more interesting.

Download Animated Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker (Stackify)

8 Best applications to create Stickers

You can organise your WhatsApp stickers into different packs with this app. You can choose regular or animated stickers depending on the style you need, and cut out images using circles, rectangles and freehand cut-outs to get the shape you want. You can also add text, brushes, borders and erase the background.

The visualisation is excellent, and you can create endless stickers for your collection. If you like what you’ve created, you can share it on WhatsApp. You can pay for the premium version to enjoy more decorations and additional elements, as well as removing all ads.

Download Sticker Maker by Stackify here

Sticker Maker (Mega Sticker Maker)

apps to design custom stickers on Whatsapp.

This application, also called Sticker Maker. It groups stickers into image, personal and web search categories. You can select images from your phone’s gallery or from web search in this app.

You can add clipart and text to make your sticker stand out. You get a preview of what your image will look like on WhatsApp, and it also works in other WhatsApp apps.

It’s very simple to use, so it’s perfect for beginners who want to start creating their own stickers quickly.

Download Sticker Maker by Mega Sticker Maker

Sticker Create

8 Best applications to create Stickers

Sticker Create allows you to make your stickers and share them on WhatsApp. There are many things you can do to create your own unique designs. You can add blur to your image or completely remove the background, and there are also features such as filters and effects to add colour to your stickers.

It’s easy to navigate this app to access features such as border editing and opacity. With Sticker Create, you can also add emoticons and clipart to your stickers. Once you’re done, you can share your work as an image on other apps, including some of the best free messaging apps, such as Whatsapp or Telegram.

Download Sticker Create here

Sticker Maker (Viko & Co)

8 Best applications to create Stickers

This application has a similar design to WhatsApp, so you will find it very convenient to use to make your stickers. After tagging your file, you can go ahead and start creating your masterpiece. Select an image from your gallery, from the app’s library, or just include text.

The freehand tool allows you to easily cut out just the part of the image you want to use as a sticker before making further edits. The community available in this app also offers inspiration for your next ideas. By upgrading to Sticker Maker Premium, you will eliminate the constant ads and get early access to new features.

Download Sticker Maker by Viko & Co here

Do you know other apps to create custom Stickers? Let us know in the comments

There are a large number of applications for creating Stickers in the Google Play Store. If you know of one that we haven’t mentioned, that is completely different from the others and that you think should be on this list, leave a comment and tell us the name of the app, we’ll immediately include it in this top.

If in addition to stickers you would also like to create custom gifs to share on Whatsapp or your social networks, take a look at our article on how to create GIF images, where we show you the easiest ways to create your own animated images quickly and easily.

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