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14 sites for your free magazine mockup

El mockup perfecto existe y aquí te contaremos donde encontrarlo

If you are in the graphic design world, or you are trying to learn more about magazine mockup, surely you would like to know some sites where you can download these mockups to use them in the magazine designs you make or have. Today we will tell you everything you need to know about it and we will give you some options to have your magazine mockups online.

Get to know the various alternatives that exist on the web. There is a lot of material in all sizes, designs, colors, themes and styles.

  1. Behance
  2. Creative Market
  3. Graphic Burger
  4. Unblast
  5. Mockup Planet
  6. Free Design Resources
  7. Pixelbuddha
  8. Freepik
  9. The Designest
  10. Envato Elements
  11. Dribble
  12. Original mockups
  13. MockupFree
  14. Smartmockups

But before we dive into every magazine mockup download website, are you clear on what a magazine mockup is?

What is a magazine mockup?

If we translate it, a mockup is a sketch to create magazines of any type (square, horizontal, letter size). Therefore, a magazine mockup is a fantastic tool because it is essentially a photomontage that allows us to show a client the different magazine proposals that we can create for their brand.

In this case we focus on the creation and development of magazines, but the truth is that we can make a mockup to show logos, flyers, posters, web design or app designs, in short, for any type of production.

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mockup magazine thecolor

To save you time here we share a downloadable magazine mockup in PSD (175MB) that we have tested and has very good quality.

Advantages of making an online magazine mockup

Thanks to a magazine mockup we can show different proposals, analyze them carefully and choose the one that best fits what is needed.

But also the magazine mockup is a very functional and professional way to share our designs in an organized way, quite visual and in a digital environment without having to print.

By not having to resort to printing to show the designs, it is obvious that making a magazine mockup is an economical and ecological alternative.

This is today’s trend in assemblies, because it benefits both the designer and the client, who, by the way, will be able to have a much more real and accurate representation of the product, so he/she will know if it will work.

What should you take into account when creating your mockup magazine?

14 sites for your free magazine mockup

An important aspect in the creation of your magazine mockup is the selection of excellent quality images.

Whatever the concept you have to develop in a magazine mockup, the starting point will always be the color palette. Much of the success or failure of the audiovisual material lies in the brand colors and the amount of color zones, remember that it must be 100% legible.

Although dark backgrounds can be used, the recommendation par excellence is to use white or pastel shades, since these colors transmit transparency, confidence, positive feelings and, above all, they go very well with most colors, making it much easier to create combinations!

Another equally important aspect is the selection of images, which must be of excellent quality and, of course, must be in accordance with the proposal and theme to be worked on.

Do not forget that you must also define the format of the magazine, that is, if it will be square or rectangular, and of course, the measures it will have. This way you will be able to find or adapt a template, either for the internal pages of the magazine or for its cover.

One possibility to play it safe and effective is to use free magazine mockups. Apart from giving you a starting point, it also saves you time, but you are not going to leave it just as you found it, so customize it! In any case, invest in a package of paid templates

Where to find free magazine mockups?

The web is full of sites with a variety of proposals, some more beautiful than others, some more functional than others, some free and some paid. The variety is almost endless.

If you find a website with templates that fit what you need and with prices adapted to your budget. Although if you are looking for free magazine mockups, here are some options (where you will also find paid templates).

Most of these sites organize their templates by categories, being very well organized, you will surely find a diversity of options for what you are looking for. Ah! And keep in mind that some of them will require registration.

Let’s talk about the 3 main platforms. I think these are enough but if you don’t like them or prefer to see more options, take a look at the list at the beginning of this post where we name the 14 sites.

1. Behance

Sitio web donde encontrar mockups de revistas gratuitos

In this website you can find hundreds of free mockups, you should read well what they offer in each link because you will also find them for a fee. But if you do a search including the word free you will surely find many options that you will like.

It is an intuitive and easy to use website so you will have no problem finding an editable to put your own magazine design. You can do searches like: free magazine mockup or free magazine psd mockup.

2. Freepik

Freepik es una plataforma donde puedes descargar los psd de mockup revista

I would say Freepik is one of the best options to find free magazine mockups. Don’t forget to filter directly in the search engine. Select Free and PSD, there you will get hundreds or thousands of free options that you can download to use with your designs.

This website is prepared to find what you are looking for so it will be very easy for you to access almost any style of magazine mockup.

3. Creative Market

En esta plataforma puedes encontrar mockups de revistas y desacargarlos gratuitamente.

If you select mockups in the search engine filter you can search for any product and only the designs with editable files will appear so you can easily use them by replacing the example image or the white area with your creations.

There are many styles, some are more basic and others a little more elaborate. Of course there is nothing like a good paid mockup, but some magazine mockups that many designers offer for free leave nothing to be desired.

I found my magazine mockup. Where do I edit?

After finding the perfect magazine mockup for what you need to work with, next comes the most important part of the story: editing and customization.

When you open the template, you will notice that there is a blank design with the indication “Replace” or some similar message. There you will start putting images, texts, logo and other elements to customize your mockup.

As what you are going to do is a photomontage, the recommended software is Adobe Photoshop. Although you can also work with Affinity Pro or any other similar program, the idea is that it is a program or software to edit raster images or images composed of pixels in which you can work with layers, so you can customize any template and make it look as realistic as possible.

When you finish your project, you should export in PDF, as it is the most suitable format to present your work. You choose whether to export your complete mockup page by page in a single PDF, or some pages individually and in separate PDFs.

mockup magazine thecolor

We ourselves have had to use a magazine mockup for our project so we share it with you in case you want to use the same one. It is very simple and has several layers of decorative objects to add or remove, several color filters and of course the mockup itself of the cover and two inside pages of your magazine.

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