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The Mulan Font for Free Download

Tipografía de Mulán para descargar gratis online.

Mulan from 1998 is an animated gem that marked an entire generation. Its story, although it departs from the original legend, has a unique charm. The plot revolves around Mulan, a young girl who disguises herself as a man to replace her ailing father in the army. What makes this film special is how it defies the gender norms of its time, showcasing a strong and determined female protagonist.

Visually, it is a feast. The vivid colors, the art inspired by traditional Chinese painting, and those action scenes, are a marvel. And let’s not forget the soundtrack, with great musical themes like “Reflection” (sung in the original version by Christina Aguilera), which have become classics.

Now, going back in time, the legend of Hua Mulan is even more impressive. It is believed to have emerged during the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534) and has been told in a thousand ways. The story is basically the same: a brave woman disguises herself as a man to go to war in place of her father. But what’s really fascinating is how this story has influenced Chinese culture, representing values such as filial piety and courage.

Font de Mulán para descargar online de manera gratuita.

Jump forward to 2020, and Disney brings us a live-action version of Mulan. Here they tried to be more faithful to the original legend, eliminating elements such as animated characters and songs. This version is darker and more serious, with a focus on martial arts and epic battles. Although divided in opinion, the effort to present a more realistic Mulan rooted in her culture must be acknowledged.

The Mulan typeface (of the animated version), as you can see, doesn’t have the oriental style of the animations nor is it as spectacular as other Disney typefaces, but it also has its charm and here you can download Mulan typeface for free for personal use only, that is, only for projects not intended to make money.


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