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Peaky Blinders Font

El logo y la tipografía de Peaky Blinders, para descargar.

Peaky Blinders is a jewel that deserves an in-depth talk, especially for its style and aesthetics (from which any design professional can learn)

It is one of those series that grabs you from minute one. Set in post-war England, specifically in the 20’s and 30’s, it follows the adventures of the Shelby family, gangsters from Birmingham. What’s cool about this series is how it mixes fiction with historical facts and characters. Thomas Shelby, the main character played by Cillian Murphy, is a tough, intelligent, and charismatic guy. The series explores themes of family loyalty, ambition, war trauma, and how power and politics play in the streets.

But if you’re here I take it for granted that you know the series, so let’s get straight to what you’re interested in What is the typeface of Peaky Blinders? It’s “Roman Wood Type JNL“, created by Jeff Levine.

Font de Peaky Blinders para descargar gratis.

The Peaky Blinders typeface is paid and if you want to get it legally you will have to pay a license fee. But if you are looking for fonts that have a similar style, we are going to suggest some free alternative so you can use it in your projects. We recommend “MLB Brewers“, which you can use for personal purposes in your designs.

Keep in mind that these fonts do not have that worn effect of the Peaky Blinders logo, if you want to get a similar result you will have to use Photoshop or any other graphic editing program (Do not worry, it is an easy effect to achieve)

Remember that in our collection of series fonts you can find the font styles used in the most popular series, sometimes for free download and sometimes similar alternatives.

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