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Designers of famous brand logos

Los mejores diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas

You’ve seen them in many places, but do you know who created them? Today we introduce you to the designers of famous brands that, although their work has gone around the world, they are not so well known.

There are even brands that have such a long trajectory that you don’t even know how they came about. Others, on the other hand, are more recent, but have transcended by the products they represent. As you can see, the designers of famous brands have remained in the background, but today you are going to meet them.

Salvador Dalí: Chupa Chups

Believe it or not, the creator of the Chupa Chups logo is the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, there is nothing he couldn’t do.

The Spanish candy brand asked him for the logo in 1969, when he was already famous, and of course it was not at all economical for the brand, but it was worth it, because to this day the image of Chupa Chups is iconic with the daisy that surrounds the name, the graphic identity is unmistakable!

El pintor Salvador Dalí fue el encargado de la imagen de Chupa Chups
The painter Salvador Dalí was in charge of the Chupa Chups image

Sakamoto Manabu: Playstation

The Senior Producer of the creative department of Sony Company Creative Center, Sakamoto Manabu, was the designer of the Play Station logo.

The creator of the letters ‘P’ and ‘S’ that have gone around the world, knew the relevance that the brand would achieve, so in 1993, he presented the final design. Sakamoto Manabu said he accepted the challenge without hesitation, and for two weeks he worked on the image despite not being a connoisseur of video games. He made about 50 sketches until an idea began to take shape.

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Entre los diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas debía estar Manabu Sakamoto con la imagen de Playstation
Among the designers of famous brand logos was to be Manabu Sakamoto with the Playstation image

“I felt quite lost. I started visiting stores to gather information. Finally, I thought I’d let myself be carried away by my inspiration. After all, I think it’s better to design something new, rather than staying anchored in traditional video game designs… I thought of basic colors to convey simplicity. Then I conceived the figurative part. Since the console’s three-dimensional graphics were the main feature, I decided to make a risky attempt by combining the letters P and S in all three dimensions. I love adding this kind of visual trickery to logos, so I tried to create something similar to a trompe l’oeil.”

Sakamoto Manabu, Playstation logo designer

Saul Bass: Warner Bros and AT & T

One of the best known designers of famous brand logos was Saul Bass. He was well known in the 20th century for designing movie titles. Being linked to the world of entertainment, the logos created for Warner Bros and AT & T stand out.

Other Saul Bass logos with a little less popularity were those created for United Airlines, Minolta and Bell Telephone System Communications.

Allen Hori: Kodak

Allen Hori was the director of Kodak’s redesign and was responsible for giving the brand’s custom lettering. The photographic company’s logo has undergone several changes since 1907 when the original was created.

In 1935 they started using the colors that identify Kodak: red and yellow. In 1960 and 1987 new redesigns were made, which led the brand to have the look it has today, and in 2006 the box was eliminated and the design was simplified.

For this modern and minimalist design, Hori created a rounded typography, simple but visually appealing and marking the already characteristic “A”.

Entre los diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas hay que mencionar a Allen Hori, encargado del último rediseño de Kodak

Paula Sher: CNN and Windows

Paula Sher is one of the designers of famous brand logos, as she was in charge of working on the image of CNN, Windows and the New York Philharmonic. Also a partner at Pentagram since 1991, she has been considered one of the most influential graphic designers and has been an art director for over 50 years.

Robert Hunt: Dreamworks

With more than 20 years of experience, the iconic Dreamworks logo was created by the artist and Robert Hunt and Dennis Muren the logo was created by the artist and visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light and Magic, who had already worked with Steven Spielberg, one of the founders of the studio along with producer David Geffen and Disney Studios president Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Spielberg wanted DreamWorks ‘ image to be a nod to Hollywood’s golden age. Although in 1969 the studio had its first logo referencing the landing of man on the moon, Muren suggested that the logo could look hand-painted, but Hunt did so by creating another version of a young man fishing while sitting on a crescent moon

Muren and Spielberg were left with this work, becoming a symbol of the film world.

The creation had Hunt as the main designer, although he had the collaboration of Clint Goldman of ILM, Dave Carson and Kaleidoscope Films.

Robert Hunt se convirtió en uno de los diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas al crear la imagen del estudio de cine Dreamworks
Robert Hunt became one of the designers of famous brand logos when he created the image of the Dreamworks film studio

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel: Chanel

One of the oldest logos in and out of Paris is that of Chanel. Considered one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry, since 1925 it has worn its now iconic image of the two “C’s” linked together, one facing forward and the other backward.

This monogram was designed by Coco Chanel herself. The superimposed logo was registered as a trademark when the first Chanel stores were opened. It soon became synonymous with class, elegance and status.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel entra en los diseñadores de logos de marcas famosos al crear el logotipo de su propia marca
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel enters the ranks of famous brand logo designers by creating the logo for her own brand

Paul Rand: IBM, ABC and UPS

American Paul Rand is one of the most recognized famous brand logo designers , as he had several well-known designs to his credit.

Some of the corporate identities created by him are: IBM, UPS and ABC.

Carolyn Davidson: Nike

In 1971, when she was a graphic design student at Portland State University, Carolyn Davidson designed the Nike logo.

The logo is known to be inspired by the wing of the Greek mythological goddess of victory Nike. Although she was initially paid $35 for the design known as the “Swoosh,” in 1985, the company awarded Davidson a diamond ring with the logo she designed and 500 shares of stock, which the designer relinquished in 2000.

Desde que Carolyn Davidson diseñó para Nike se convirtió en uno de los diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas más reconocidas
Since Carolyn Davidson designed for Nike, she has become one of the most recognized designers of famous brand logos

Walter Landor: Fedex

German graphic designer Walter Landor was in charge of designing the iconic Fedex logo. This was a brilliant and very detailed work by playing with negative space and giving it the shape of an “arrow”, and it was considered one of the best logo designs in the world, and he, one of the best famous brand logo designers.

Walter Landor fue considerado uno de los mejores diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas tras crear la imagen de Fedex
Walter Landor was considered one of the best famous brand logo designers after creating the Fedex image

Ruth Kedar: Google

In 1991, graphic designer Ruth Kedar entered the list of the best famous brand logo designers by creating the logo for Google, today the largest search engine in the world, becoming one of the most viewed logos. She owns her own studio Kedar Design.

 Ruth Kedar entró en el listado de los mejores diseñadores de logos de marcas famosas al crear el logotipo de Google
Ruth Kedar entered the list of the best logo designers of famous brands by creating the Google logo

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