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What is a Preset?

Los Ajustes preestablecidos o presets permiten un ahorro considerable de tiempo a los diseñadores gráficos.

Apreset“, when talking about editing and design software, is a set of saved settings or parameters that can be instantly applied to an image, video or sound to achieve a specific effect or look. These presets are designed to speed up the editing process by providing looks or adjustments that are commonly desired.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what a preset is according to different applications:

  • Photography (e.g., in Lightroom or Photoshop): These are a specific combination of adjustments, such as color corrections, contrast, clarity, curves, hue/saturation, among others, at the click of a button. This is especially useful for photographers who want to maintain a consistent style in their photos or who need to quickly process a large number of images.
  • Video editing software (e.g. Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro): Presets can refer to color effects, transitions, sound effects, or any combination of settings that can be applied to a video clip.
  • Music and sound software (e.g., in DAWs such as Ableton Live or FL Studio): These are the specific instrument or effect settings. For example, a synthesizer might have a preset for a bass sound or a reverb effect might have a preset to simulate a large space.

The use of presets offers designers, composers and various creative professionals a number of advantages:

  • Efficiency and speed: It allows users to apply complex settings in a single click, which saves time in the editing process.
  • Consistency: Helps maintain a consistent style or look across multiple jobs.
  • Learning: For those who are learning, analyzing and breaking down presets can provide insights into how certain effects or styles are achieved.
  • Sharing and selling: Presets can be shared or even sold as digital products, allowing artists and creators to monetize their unique styles.

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