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Capture One for photo editing

Capture One

Capture One is for professional photo enthusiasts who want to achieve high quality results. Those who have ever experimented with Lightroom for photo editing will see an obvious difference when they try Capture One but at the same time they will notice a great similarity.

If you are not a professional but like photography and photo editing you can use Capture One, but you may not be able to take full advantage of it as some of the editing settings are difficult for first time professional editors.

What is Capture One?

Capture One is a digital connection program with your camera for instant viewing on your computer and professional editing of RAW files. We could say that it is a digital development program with hundreds of possibilities when it comes to photo editing.


  • Possibility to organize by individual sessions or catalogs.
  • Advanced photo editing. Apply adjustment to specific layers, maximum color adjustments.
  • Advanced export. Export photos in different folders with different settings in one click.
  • If you are a professional photographer it is even cheap.


  • Requires an intermediate or high level to get the most out of it.
  • All plans are paid, only 30 days trial.
  • There is not as much information or tutorials available as in other editing programs.

Download Capture One

You can download Capture One for different devices: iPhone, iOS, iPad, Mac or PC. Capture One will allow you to use it anywhere whether in your studio or on the street, you can always digitally develop your photos, with a laptop nearby you can show your models the sessions instantly and even edit them in advance without removing your card.


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