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What is the Font of The Last of Us?

El logo de The Last of Us y su tipografía.

The Last of Us, originally released for PlayStation 3 in 2013, is a gem from Naughty Dog, known for their mastery in storytelling. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, infested with hostile creatures and where humanity clings to survival. What makes this game so special is its focus on narrative and character development. Joel and Ellie, the protagonists, take us on an unforgettable emotional journey, full of tense, sad and occasionally hopeful moments.

From a game design standpoint, The Last of Us stands out for its immersive gameplay, blending stealth, action and exploration. The attention to detail in each scenario and the emotional depth of its characters make it more than a game: it’s an experience.

Jump forward to 2023, and The Last of Us makes its transition to the small screen. This television adaptation has been acclaimed by fans of the game and new viewers alike. The series preserves the essence of the video game, while expanding and deepening its universe. It is an example of how an adaptation should be done: respecting the original material but without fear of exploring new directions.

The series stands out for its impeccable casting, with the main actors being Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey (whom we have seen in other successful series such as Game of Thrones, among others), with performances that capture the essence of the game’s characters. Visually, it recreates with amazing detail the post-apocalyptic world of the game. It is interesting to see how certain elements, such as tension and character development, are translated and adapted to the series format.

The typography in The Last of Us is subtle but significant. It uses a clean, modern sans-serif font that reflects the raw, straightforward nature of the game and the series. This typographic choice is interesting because, despite its simplicity, it conveys a sense of desolation and seriousness, in keeping with the theme of the game and the series. What is the typography used in The Last of Us video game? In this case, the typeface used is“Press Gothic“.

Tipografía alternativa similar a The Last of Us.

Press Gothic” is a paid font, so if you want to use the exact same font that The Last of Us uses you will have to pay a license fee. If you want to look for a similar font that you can download for free,“Castle Press No2” is a very similar typeface that you can use for personal projects. As you can see, the wear effect of the letters is added later. If you are looking for typefaces that have the weathering effect included, we recommend taking a look at The Walking Dead or The Boys typefaces.

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